[vlc-devel] Newbie Help

Rafaël Carré rafael.carre at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 19:25:19 CET 2012


Le 16/11/2012 17:19, Alex Johnson a écrit :
> Hey all.
> I'm a freshman in college going for my computer science degree. I am by no
> means fluent in any programming language, but I am learning and I like to
> think I'm a quick learner. I also would like some experience helping on a
> project with a team. I have cloned the git and compiled the build. I'm
> wondering if it would be possible to get this entire project going in
> something like code::block or visual studio. I have only really looked at
> individual files and I find that I am lost not being able to see the bigger
> picture. Is there an easy way to go about that? If so could someone walk me
> through it? Thanks for taking time out to help me out. I'm sure I could be
> an asset to your team eventually if not now.
> Alexander Johnson

You should join us on IRC, I think it's easier to start with VLC

code::blocks should work, I think I also used eclipse and the Qt IDE in
the past, basically anything that can import existing C sources.

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