[vlc-devel] Prolem with libdvbpsi7

Grant Taylor zl1wtt at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 17 06:31:07 CEST 2012

 From: Jean-Paul Saman <jpsaman at videolan.org>
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Sent: Tuesday, 16 October 2012 9:52 PM
Subject: Re: [vlc-devel] Prolem with libdvbpsi7
Hi Jean-Paul,

I did some more testing today and found VLC 1.1.9 The Luggage worked fine.  Run the same VLM file on  
VLC 2.0.3 Twoflower and found there was no PID remapping taking place. Both versions of VLC were test under Ubuntu 11.04 (VLC 1.1.9) and Ubuntu 12.04 (VLC 2.0.3). 
In Terminal this works

vlc --reset-config --no-plugins-cache -vvv --sout-ts-pid-video=100 --sout-ts-pid-audio=101 --sout-ts-pid-pmt=102 --sout-ts-netid=40 udp://@:1231 ':sout=#udp{mux=ts,dst=}' :sout-keep


Hi Grant,

On Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 9:39 AM, Jean-Paul Saman <jpsaman at videolan.org> wrote:
> I will comment on the working later when I actually done some testing.

I have done some testing with VLC 2.0.4 and came to the conclusion
that VLM is broken in this version and probably the version before
The issue you observedt has nothing to do with the libdvbpsi7 (or
libdvbpsi6) version, since there are no changes between these versions
that could be a cause. Between these versions only new descriptors and
new tables where added and no change in PMT/PAT muxing or dvbpsi core
functions where done.

Did you test another VLC version too, when reverting back to libdvbpsi6?

The following commandline without using VLM (for VLC version 2.0.4)
does remapping of the pids with libdvbpsi7 (version 0.2.2) as you

vlc --reset-config --no-plugins-cache -vvv udp://@:1231 --sout
'#std{access=file,mux=ts,dst=ts-1.ts,name="TS 1"}'
--sout-ts-program-pmt=102 --sout-ts-pid-audio=101
--sout-ts-pid-video=100 --sout-ts-sdtdesc="TS 1" --sout-ts-netid=40

Kind regards,

Jean-Paul Saman
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