[vlc-devel] Exposing vlc supported file extensions/types.

Juha Jeronen juha.jeronen at jyu.fi
Wed Sep 5 12:39:56 CEST 2012

On 05.09.2012 12:24, Mark Lee wrote:
> Hello,
> Rather than maintaining my own possibly out of date copies of vlc 
> supported file extensions, I would like to get them via libvlc 
> instead. The use case is the same as for the file open dialog in the 
> vlc application.
> Presently these are defined like follows (truncated here for brevity) 
> in vlc_interface.h:
> #define EXTENSIONS_AUDIO "*.3ga;*.669;*.a52;"
> #define EXTENSIONS_VIDEO "*.3g2;*.3gp;*.3gp2;*.3gpp;*.amv;*.asf;*.avi;"
> #define EXTENSIONS_PLAYLIST "*.asx;*.b4s;*.cue;*.ifo;*.m3u;*.m3u8;"
> #define EXTENSIONS_SUBTITLE "*.cdg;*.idx;*.srt;"

The list seems incomplete. At least "*.mkv" is missing... any others?

(And if "*.cue" counts as a playlist, should "*.iso" count, too?)


> So, in principle is this something more generally useful to include in 
> libvlc?
> If so I will work on a patch to add it, but would first like some 
> pointers on what the API should look like for it to be acceptable.
> The simplest approach is to have some static storage for those defined 
> strings and return them verbatim. Or, should they be tokenised from 
> these defines and returned in a string array, or some sort of list 
> structure?
> Would it be preferable to have one API method for each type (audio, 
> video, playlist etc), or a single method that takes a type parameter?
> Or something else?
> Thanks.
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