[vlc-devel] File Logging by characters....

J Decker d3ck0r at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 02:58:34 CEST 2012

Should really consider fixing --file-logging to output lines instead
of characters.
When two threads contend for output ....

------ Here's a output log... messages are intermixed ona
per-character basis.  Once upon a time I used fputc for logging also,
but later updated to fputs. (or whatever equivalent api you've used)

-- logger module started --
·avi debug:      |    |    |    + strf size:40 pos:164
·avmaciond edce bduegb:u gu:s ifnfgm piengt avei rdceofdbuagc:e e c
m   (|M P E G o+d uLlIe- 4S T"-lVoiIdNeFog)g esrt"a
·O rstiezde
·:36 pos:212
·main avdeib udge:avbco dTeIcM EdRe bmuogdug::u l e _ n e e du(|)   :
s3i6n g|. 2 7   f+r aImSe3  tmhFTs rseiazde :-2 4T opto sm:o2d2e4
· awl it3h6 4. 2t7h3r emasd s/
· 1 intvls (Avg 36.273 ms)
·avi debug:      |    + JUNK size:1784 pos:256
·mamaiinn  ddeebbuugg::  ulsoionkgi ndavgi ec dfeobdoeurg rm
oidnutleer:f   "aacvec o d e cm o|d"u
·le :   1  +c aLnIdSiTd-amtoev
·i size:46584262 pos:2048
·main debug: TIMER module_need() : 28.503 ms - Total 28.503 ms / 1
intvls (Avg av28i. 5d0e3b umgs: )
·   |  m a i+n  iddexb1u gs:i zeu:s48i5n9g2  ipnotse:r4f6a5c8e6 3m1o8d
ule "globalhotkeys"
main debug: TIMER module_need() : 7.332 ms - Total 7.332 ms / 1 intvls
(Avg 7.332 ms)
stream_out_mosaic_bridge debug: mosaic bridge id=Id pos=0
maaviin  ddeebbuugg::  AlVoIoHk:i n1g  sftorre aimn,t efrlfaagcse
mHoAdSu_lIeN:D E1X sctarnedai dIaStm_e_
IoNuTtE_RmLoEsAaViEcD_ briTdRgUeS Td_eCbKuTgY:P Ep s
z_chain: alphamask{mask=Resources/images/mask.png}
·main debug: looking for video filter2 module: 1 candidate
avi debug: stream[0] rate:250000 scale:10000 samplesize:0·
avi debug: stream[0] video(DIVX) 1024x576 24bpp 25.000000fps
·main debug: selecting program id=0
·main debug: set config option: alphamask-mask to Resources/images/mask.png
·avi debug: selected standard index for stream[0]
avi debug: stream[0] created 3037 index entries·
vi debug: stream[0] length:121 (based on index)
·main debug: using demux module "avi"
·main debug: TIMER module_need() : 49.303 ms - Total 49.303 ms / 1
intvls (Avg 49.303 ms)
·main debug: looking for packetizer module: 21 candidates
·mmaaini nd edbeubgu: playlist thg: ruesaidsn gc omrparaeicctknl
deyteibzue ga:cr  tmrieovdbuautlieedl

 d"ipnagc kaertriazery_ mopfe gc4uvrirdeenot" ·
 root Playlist
·main debug: rebuild done - 0 items, index -1

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