[vlc-devel] [PATCH] work around osx pthreads crash in vlc_cond_destroy

David Fuhrmann david.fuhrmann at gmail.com
Sun Apr 14 20:23:33 CEST 2013


The problem is that VLC's debug compilation almost always crashes when finishing playback on OS X, because of a bug in apples pthread implementation (see http://trac.videolan.org/vlc/ticket/7320).
As we just started discussing on IRC, I propose to commit a workaround (see attached patch as a proposal), because I am really fed up with handling with this patch locally, every time.

I know that the patch just hides the problem. But AFAIK we cannot expect that Apple will fix this on their side in the near future, or that we will find a fix on VLC side. Felix, are they any news from Apple on this, and do you have more details if it is safe to just ignore this return value for this case? 

Remi's concern is that we might leak information. But in my opinion, this patch does not make the situation significantly worse.
Are they any other opinions on that matter?

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