[vlc-devel] [vlc-commits] src: Fix for Mac OS X filesystem filename encoding

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Tue Aug 27 19:20:56 CEST 2013

On 27 Aug, Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote :
> Le mardi 27 août 2013 20:07:45 Ilkka Ollakka a écrit :
> > On Tue, Aug 27, 2013 at 07:20:52PM +0300, Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:
> > > That is one thing. But that is not an excuse for double standard. Whenever
> > > I complain more or less rashly about something, many people fault me and
> > > ignore the underlying issue. Now two developers flame me, and everybody
> > > shuts up.
> > What double standards you mean? Not sure if you missed my response to
> > this thread or if I made myself unclear, but I agree with you that not
> > every response needs to be happy and positive, just as long has somewhat
> > clear point and doesn't go into person unnecessary.
> I mean how it is apparently OK for Ludovic and to a lesser extent JB to just 
> troll - for lack of an adequate word to my mind - me.

We are not trolling you (while it might be fun), but I find that you are very
unclear in your mails and arguments: it takes around 10 mails to get a straight

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