[vlc-devel] On some windows 7 machines cross compiled vlc runs in ascii color output video mode

fayyaz lodhi fayyazkl at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 08:47:44 CET 2013

Hi all,

I have used vlc with some modified things such as a different skin,
additional dialogs etc. and cross compiled for windows. But have not
touched any thing related to playback / streaming / decoders.

I use it primarily for playback of udp multicast streams.

Now on some win7 64 bit machines (not all since it works fine on my win7 64
bit laptop), it displays color ascii output.

I investigated further and checked some of the options such as directx,
opengl etc. video output modes by changing and saving the options and
restarting vlc. The strange thing was that will all other modes (such as
directx), there was no video, although i could hear audio fine.

It is important to note that if i pick up a precompiled binary such as vlc
2.0.4 or 0.5, it plays the stream fine with video output mode as automatic.

Can some one help with the possible cause? I have already tried most of

Thanks and regards,
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