[vlc-devel] How to modify and rebuild OSX specific sources?

Felix Paul Kühne fkuehne.videolan at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 16:14:01 CET 2013

Hello Thomas,

On 08.01.2013, at 12:02, Thomas Tempelmann <tempelmann at gmail.com> wrote:

> This is a specific question to those who work on the OSX part of VLC:
> I managed to build the initial VLC with the instructions from http://wiki.videolan.org/OSXCompile, using the "Build VLC with a single command" way.
> I then modified "MainWindow.m" (there are two, one under "vlc/build/tmp/modules" and one under "vlc/modules" - which one is hte right one?), but neither "make" nor "../extras/package/macosx/build.sh" recompile the source.

go to your build folder, remove "VLC.app" and type "make".

If you want to do frequent changes, consider running "make VLC-dev.app", which will give you a non-distributable application package, which is way faster to create for debug purposes.

If you encounter any further issues, you are welcome to join us on #videolan (freenode network) for direct support.

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