[vlc-devel] Query Regarding New Design

Siddhartha Dixit siddhartha24x7 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 09:22:00 CET 2013

Hi Team,

I have been using VLC Media player for quite some time now and was quite
happy with the interface until a new change in the recent version.
When in Video playback, on right-click the menu appears, In this menu , the
video sub-menu is opened.
In earlier versions, the subtitles tab(I use it to enable/disable subtitles
frequently) was placed second in order. As, I use it quite often, the
position was quite convenient.
But, In 2.0.5 this is made the 2nd last option. Is this any specific need
to it? It is quite annoying if while traversing to this option, I click
somewhere else(of course in video playback, it is quite possible if you
have to scroll down whole list of options! ) and the menu disappears. This
is posing some smooth usability issues which were not the case earlier.
Also, the option is second in drop down from Menu bar. That is thankfully

Please consider this as a feedback and it would be great if you guys could
switch it back to where it was . :)

Thanks and Regards
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