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Miroslav Molinek miroslav.molinek at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 12:13:17 CET 2013


I am writing you about a useful idea I got. I am from Czech republic so
when I watch any movie, I *almost always* have to resynchronize the
subtitles. I have even change encoding sometimes because of special
characters, which are richly represented in the Czech language.

I was wondering that a lot of people all arround the world have the* same
problems*, maybe even more often then me. It would be great to have one
perfect solution and the solution would be integrated to the most known
player - VLC.

I would imagine something like it as a "synchronizing window", where the
points of subtitles would be chronologicaly ordered, and the movie would be
in the "synchronizing state" and users would watch a few parts of the movie
and *drag and drop* few points of the subtitles onto the movie and than it
should be possible to* calculate the rest*. There would be also an option
to change the *encoding* to UTF8 or something like that. Maybe there could
be something like a* zoomable* sound track like in the audacity for more
precise locating of the subtitles...

I am sorry for my confusing description of the feature. But, please, try to
think about it and create maybe a better and faster solution of the
subtitles problem. It would be the kind of feature you can be proud of and
It could help you with the propagation of the VLC player, too.

Your faithfully,
*Miroslav Molinek*
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