[vlc-devel] live-caching > 60 seconds

petr at sezemsky.cz petr at sezemsky.cz
Fri Mar 1 14:43:57 CET 2013

 For my purpose i need video delay from capture device about 3 - 5 
 minutes. There is a limit in live-caching option specification 60000 ms. 
 First I tried to overcome this limit by setting INPUT_PTS_DELAY_MAX in 
 src/input/input_internal.h to 300000000 (5 minutes) instead of original 
 60000000 (1 minute). With that I can reach the delay more than 4 minutes 
 but only with unusable video resolution 160 pixels. With higher 
 resolution I observe some memory drops and delayed video doesn't work. 
 This drops doesn't depend on amount of physical memory which has never 
 ran out before the drop.

 My question is which code implements the buffer/cache which holds the 
 video stream from capture device before it is displayed. I expect making 
 the maximum buffer size bigger I can reach longer delay with usable 
 video resolution.

 OS: Windows 7, VLC version: 2.1.0

 Thanks, Petr.

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