[vlc-devel] [PATCH 1/6] Added a new button for playlistshuffle. So far the button invokes a dummy procedure.

zemanm17 at fel.cvut.cz zemanm17 at fel.cvut.cz
Mon Mar 11 10:04:14 CET 2013

>On 09.03.2013 16:26, Anatoliy Anischovich wrote:
>> On 09.03.13 14:52, zemanm17 at fel.cvut.cz wrote:
>>> Do you mean doing that by using "git send-email --compose 
>>> --no-chain-reply-to --tovlc-devel at videolan.org  patches" or something 
>>> else? (It's my first time sending a patch)
>> Commit after finishing your work, without any "This was just to test".
>In case you (the original poster) are new to git:
>If you already committed the changes into your copy of the working tree 
>(as it seems), you can also squash your commits after the fact. Myself, 
>I've used a new branch and "git merge --squash" (google for it for 
>usage) to discard the testing history and produce just one commit of the 
>final version for sending to vlc-devel.
>It is also recommended to work on a separate branch, so that you can 
>keep the master branch synced with origin/master (i.e. the official 
>codebase). See "git branch" and "git checkout".
>In general, see also instructions on wiki: http://wiki.videolan.org/Git
>  -J

Thanks for that! This is what I've been looking for.

To Everyone:
I would stil appreciate ideas on the subject of the current shuffle function.
What would you improve about it? I can't improve something if I don't know
what it is. The function seems to be working fine to me.

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