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Nicolas BERTRAND nicoinattendu at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 14:12:23 CET 2013

Actually related to GSOC remimder...

> Hi find hereafter the text
> I have already a student whos starterd working this topic, and if
> vlc appilcation is accepted, she is ok to apply as GSOC student
> Cheers
> Nicolas
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> Digital Cinema DCP playback
> Digital Cinema Packages(DCP) is the format chosen for playback movies in
> cinemas. The goal is to implement handling of DCP in VLC, this will be
> used topreview and playback of movies. This work will be part of a
> research topic dedicated to propose a FOSS framework for
> independent/art-house theaters.
> The DCP (size usually from 60 to 200 Gb) use MXF containers :
>      - A MXF File for video encoded in JPEG2000 intra frame only in 2K
> or 4K image size with a framerate of at least 24 fps
>      - MXF Files for audio in WAV. One MXF file per audio languages.
>      - MXF Files for subtitles in XML or PNG. One MXF file per audio
>       languages
> The DCP is a directory with those MXF files and others XML files for
> meta-data.
> A VLC module shall be written to handle DCP. The MXF containers is
> already implemented via libavformat. The JEPG2000 and WAV are handled by
> libavcodec.The module to write will be an access_demux one who reads the
> DCP directory as input and video, audio, and subtitles (when avlb)
> elementary streams as output.
> The decoder for subtitle shall be implemented also.
> This project is the continuation of student project in engineering school
> Requires: C and VLC knowledge, basic undestanding of video decoding,
> libav/ffmpeg basics
> mentor : Nicolas Bertrand aka Buxiness

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