[vlc-devel] Request - Remove useless menu options

Víctor López Rivero victor.lopez.rivero at gmail.com
Mon Mar 25 16:37:02 CET 2013

Hello everybody,

This is about something that has been in VLC for some time and I didnt care
since it doesnt hurt or annoy noone but maybe since is useless I would
recommend to remove it. Here it goes:

In the menu bar, if we click Audio we can see 3 options which are:

- Volume Up
- Volume Down
- Silence

You can Volume Up/Down with the mouse's scroll wheel (i think is the most
useful thing) or even clicking in the volume bar situated below. You can
silence VLC clicking in the button next to the volume bar.

It is the same in the menu bar Playback where you can Pause, Stop, Next
Song, Previous Song... and so. You can do it clicking the buttons again.

Some people will think that the more ways of doing things the better but I
dont know if that is exactly true. Clicking buttons is the most basic thing
so i think that putting the same functionalities in the menu bar is to
overload the menu with things that noone use. The simpler the better.

I dont know if some/all/none of you will agree with my suggestion but
anyways, i would like to receive a feedback ;)

Best regards to everyone.


P.D: Is just my humble opinion as an user.
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