[vlc-devel] HLS player

Rafaël Carré funman at videolan.org
Sun May 19 17:02:30 CEST 2013

Le 19/05/2013 12:08, Jean-Baptiste Kempf a écrit :
> On 19 May, Kevin Cadieux wrote :
>> I am more comfortable with C++ in general. Therefore, If I do write the HLS
>> version 4 and 5 support in C++ I think it might be best for consistency to
>> wrap the existing HLS code in classes so that it better integrates with my
>> part.
>> This is really just a question of style preference and habit. I find it
>> easier to maintain C++ code but it doesn't mean this is true for everyone.
>> If everyone prefers the HLS code to be in C I'll be happy to oblige :)

> To be honest, the question is more: "will you maintain this module
> correctly for a correctly long time?" than "what language is it in?"

Personally I think we should enhance the existing C version rather than
rewrite it from scratch in C++.

> By experience, maintaing C code is easier than C++ modules, because more
> people are familliar with C code and because C++ programers often feel
> compelled to use "cool features" of the language, because they can.

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