[vlc-devel] [PATCH] core: do not overwrite visible size

XilasZ xilasz at gmail.com
Sat Nov 9 09:53:20 CET 2013

I tested on windows with a 720p video in fullscreen (1680x1050 screen), and
a thin green line appears at the bottom with opengl & direct3d vouts
(directx is not affected), with or without the patch.
same with android vout, green line is there with or without the patch.

This patch doesn't affect vouts,  but it does affect video filter. without
it, filters receive an aligned visible size, and not the real visible size.
For instance when swscale is used  on a 720p video, both picture size and
visible size are 1280x738, which is wrong.
the patch fix this, and with it swscale receive a proper 1280x720 visible

swscale (and potientially others filters) still ignores it and must be
patched, but this patch does fix video filters input and is neccessary i
think, even if there's no visible effect as rafael said.

I'll try to patch swscale.
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