[vlc-devel] FYI: Serious bug in old LIVE555 library versions - affecting VLC

Ross Finlayson finlayson at live555.com
Wed Nov 27 14:03:22 CET 2013

> Well that is good to know but where is the the patch?
> You do realize that we have downstreams distrbutions (and our own
> best-effort QA process), do you not? They cannot just take a whole new
> live555 version if they need to fix one specific bug, even
> security-related.

I'm sorry, but I simply don't know what you're talking about.

I've told you what you need to do to get an up-to-date, reliable version of our software.

Failing that, feel free to point your copy of VLC at the URL
and watch VLC crash (without anything malicious happening).  Let's just hope that there aren't other servers out there somewhere that are less charitable.

Suit yourself...

Ross Finlayson
Live Networks, Inc.

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