[vlc-devel] developping covers tool for VLC - pleeeeeaassse !

benoit brillant benoitbrillant at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 15:52:15 CET 2014

Hi Dev Team For VLC.

First of all, thanks for this great tool. VLC is great !  But.... there is *one
*thing missing (I can't find it anywhere):

When you play music, you enjoy with your ears, right. but you also love to
see the nice covers made for this album etc etc.

WHY, oh Whyyyyy ???? isn't it possible to get something nice like this:

or approching ??!!! ???

some other players already do it   :
http://jajuk.info/index.php/File:1_8_fullscreen.png      but it's soooo
boring to use .....  and I HATE Itunes

pleeeeaase ! really : if you develop this, you're gonna KILL dem all !


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