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Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Wed Jan 15 12:15:37 CET 2014

On 14 Jan, Wieland Hoffmann wrote :
> The MusicBrainz *Album* ID that the current code uses is not what's gets
> used for vlc_meta_TrackID (the UFID frame in ID3). The TrackID
> corresponds to the MusicBrainz Recording ID, where a recording is a
> peace of audio that later gets used as a track on one (or more) releases
> (albums). The "official" definition of a recording is at [0].

OK, then I'm confused. Great.
What does acoustid return then?

> It is possible to get a list of all releases and their IDs
> through the MB web service by first querying the /ws/2/recording
> endpoint and then using one or more of the release IDs obtained through
> that request to query the /ws/2/release endpoint.
> The problem with that approach is that the release whose cover gets
> chosen might not be the release the user has (because a recording can
> appear on multiple releases) when we do in fact know exactly which
> release it is: the one whose MusicBrainz Album ID is in the tags.

OK. What do you suggest then?

> The UI part was referring to the vlc_meta_AddExtra part above, which
> automatically makes tags appear in the metadata dialog of at least the
> Qt4 interface.

I know.
But our information dialog could get better, notably with links to
information from mb.

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