[vlc-devel] [PATCH] codec: jpeg encoder implemented

Maxim Bublis b at codemonkey.ru
Fri Jan 24 17:07:39 CET 2014

> So, both are the same?

Yup, do you have any ideas how to improve that?
My initial attempt was to create struct jpeg_sys_t and then just write
something like:

typedef struct jpeg_sys_t encoder_sys_t;
typedef struct jpeg_sys_t decoder_sys_t;

but it leads to typedef redefinition with different types for

No quality set ?

I guess, configuration option should be added for jpeg screenshots, but
currently no one exists.
I've hardcoded 100% quality for now, but I'll look how to add configuration

> And I wonder whether we should, or not disable-sout for images (because
> it might be nice for screenshots).

I've looked at avcodec code, as you know it is currently used for jpeg
screenshots, it uses the same #ifdef for its encoder.
Maybe it should be removed in case of jpeg encoder.

> Why removing all this code?

I've found this code useless, as on any error libjpeg always setjmp's, and
that code never executes.
My initial work on this module was based on png module, I guess libpng
works slight differently in this case.

Maxim Bublis
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