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Christoph Miebach christoph.miebach at web.de
Sun Jun 29 19:04:24 CEST 2014

Hello and sorry for this very late response!

On 12 Jan 2014, at 15:57, Muhammad Ridho Swasta <m.ridholabor at gmail.com> wrote:

> i want to translate the vlc to Bahaso Minang / Minang Language ( Minang is one of the tribes in Indonesia , 40% indonesia population are from minang ). 
> How to get the localization

One reason it took me so long to respond is:
It’s not that easy for your language, yet.

Looks like there is no (or at least not much) data about Bahaso Minang / Minang Language on CLDR [1], which is to my knowledge the place to add.
However, I think we will be able to get this working one day…

For now, you might want try
to check the plural rules. If Bahaso Minang / Minang has the same plural rules as Malay (nplurals=1; plural=0;)  this is pretty easy, though:

While in English there is a difference between
1 book
25 books
(the s at the end), for Malay only the numbers would change.

I have no experience with the CLDR update (or adding new language) process, but I am willing to help.

With a confirmation on the plural rule we could start localization.

Best regards


[1]: http://cldr.unicode.org/

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