[vlc-devel] Building vlc with hardware decoding support on Raspberry Pi

Antoine Villeret antoine.villeret at gmail.com
Thu May 22 01:34:55 CEST 2014

hello there,

this is my first message on this list, so I have to introduce myself first
I'm a French interactive art maker.
I'm working both for artists as a software engineer and interactivity
designer and for myself while I'm doing my own interactive art installation.

For some stuff I need an accurate video syncing solution.
Accurate means a per frame synchronisation.
I found the way to do that with the great VLC (thanks everybody for this
wonderful tool !) and I'm trying to deploy the solution on Raspberry Pi

I found a good tutorial explaining how to build VLC from scratch with
hardware decoding support : http://www.oblivion-software.de/index.php?id=56

I built it successful (not without headache, but build ends fine :-) ) but
I cannont get hardware acceleration.
I've already post something here :
But I got no answer for now, I hope to find some here :-)

I have omxil_vout module and omxil codec as this log says :

vlc --list | grep omxil
VLC media player 2.2.0-git Weatherwax (revision 2.1.0-git-3280-g2fe9c76)
  omxil                  Décodeur audio/vidéo utilisant OpenMAX IL
  omxil                  Encodeur vidéo utilisant OpenMAX IL
  omxil_vout             OpenMAX IL video output

I start vlc in terminal with this command line :
./vlc --verbose 6 -I "dummy" --vout omxil_vout --codec omxil ../test.h264

and I can see the first frame frozen, then another frame few seconds later
but no fluent video.
I've post the full log here :

If anyone could help me to understand what's happening, I'll be very grateful


do it yourself
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