[vlc-devel] Building vlc with hardware decoding support on Raspberry Pi

Julian Scheel julian at jusst.de
Fri May 23 08:34:57 CEST 2014

Am 22.05.2014 01:34, schrieb Antoine Villeret:
> hello there,
> this is my first message on this list, so I have to introduce myself
> first :-)
> I'm a French interactive art maker.
> I'm working both for artists as a software engineer and interactivity
> designer and for myself while I'm doing my own interactive art installation.
> For some stuff I need an accurate video syncing solution.
> Accurate means a per frame synchronisation.
> I found the way to do that with the great VLC (thanks everybody for this
> wonderful tool !) and I'm trying to deploy the solution on Raspberry Pi
> device.
> I found a good tutorial explaining how to build VLC from scratch with
> hardware decoding support : http://www.oblivion-software.de/index.php?id=56
> I built it successful (not without headache, but build ends fine :-) )
> but I cannont get hardware acceleration.
> I've already post something here :
> https://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=119448
> But I got no answer for now, I hope to find some here :-)
> I have omxil_vout module and omxil codec as this log says :
> vlc --list | grep omxil
> VLC media player 2.2.0-git Weatherwax (revision 2.1.0-git-3280-g2fe9c76)
>    omxil                  Décodeur audio/vidéo utilisant OpenMAX IL
>    omxil                  Encodeur vidéo utilisant OpenMAX IL
>    omxil_vout             OpenMAX IL video output
> I start vlc in terminal with this command line :
> ./vlc --verbose 6 -I "dummy" --vout omxil_vout --codec omxil ../test.h264
> and I can see the first frame frozen, then another frame few seconds
> later but no fluent video.
> I've post the full log here :
> http://pastebin.com/ARjMkfBx

According to the log omxil is used, but not with direct rendering. You 
might want to try out latest vlc git and build it with mmal support 
(actually when building on rpi it shall be enabled by default).
This should work better than the OMX code on the Raspberry.

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