[vlc-devel] GLFW3 / Pure OpenGL sample for the wiki

Martell Malone martellmalone at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 13:53:08 CET 2014

On the wiki there is an example for SDL and QT with libvlc
but I have seen people ask over and over again for a pure OpenGL example.

So during my long build times I created this (attachment)

This example

1. uses GLFW3 to setup the window
2. uses GLEW on relivant platforms to setup opengl
3. implements the vlc renderer in pure opengl code.

You can have a different size for both the texture and the window.
The code takes care of the stretch for you :)

Has been tested on mingw-w64.
Should be very easy to adapt for other platforms

I am releasing it under MIT because
WTFPL doesn't exist here in Europe legally.

If someone wants it under a different license just ping me.

Please add to the example wiki.

Kind Regards
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