[vlc-devel] Adapting to API changes. Getting a hold of intf_thread_t* inside a video filter2 module

nurupo contributions nurupocontributions at gmail.com
Sun Sep 28 10:03:36 CEST 2014

In VLC 3.0.0 pl_Get(...) has changed its argument type from vlc_object_t*
to intf_thread_t*, because of which my "video filter2" category module now
needs to also be of "interface" category, in order to get a hold of
intf_thread_t* for pl_Get(...).

I have simply added a submodule of "interface" category to my "video
filter2" module, so that I could get intf_thread_t* from interface's
Open(...) and use that for calling pl_Get(...), but it seems that in order
for interface's Open(...) to be called in the first place, the submodule
needs to be enabled on its own, separably from the main "video filter2"
category module. So I have one "Enable my module" checkbox in
Tools->Preferences->Video->Filters and another in
Tools->Preferences->Interface->Control Interfaces. This doesn't make sense
because this is a single module, the module does nothing unless both the
module and the submodule are enabled.

Is there a way to have a single option in Preferences that would
enable/disable both the module and the submodule?
Or, perhaps, there is some other way to call pl_Get(...) from a "video
filter2" category module?
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