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Wed Aug 5 14:32:43 CEST 2015

#if 0
    /* There will eventually be a way to know which colors
     * couldn't be allocated and try to find a replacement */
    p_vout->i_white_pixel = 0xff;
    p_vout->i_black_pixel = 0x00;
    p_vout->i_gray_pixel = 0x44;
    p_vout->i_blue_pixel = 0x3b;

Can I assume and use p_vout->i_white_pixel and p_vout->i_black_pixel? 

Any pointers other than i420_rgb.c or documentation on such

- - - -

Writing the rendering routine for SVCD and CVD subtitles has been a
bit tough. In xine, all one does is call :


to overlay a pixel. It's a little late to ask, but there is no
corresponding routine in vlc, right? But then, how is it that
the other subtitle routines overlay their text?

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