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Wed Aug 5 14:32:43 CEST 2015

  VCD dependency:
  One thing that confuses people is the "dependency" on libvcdinfo from
  vcdimager, while vcdimager has a dependency on libcdio.  This libcdio
  dependency on vcdimager is optional (i.e. not mandatory) dependency,
  while the vcdimager dependency right now is mandatory. libvcdinfo is
  used only by the utility program cd-info. If you want cd-info to use
  the VCD reporting portion and you don't already have vcdimager
  installed, build and install libcdio, then vcdimager, then configure
  libcdio again and it should find libvcdinfo.
  People who make packages might consider making two packages, a libcdio
  package with just the libraries (and no dependency on libvcdinfo) and
  a libcdio-utils which contains cd-info and iso-info, cd-read,
  iso-read. Should you want cd-info with VCD support then you'd add a
  depedency in that package to libvcdinfo.

Another thing one can do is "make install" inside the library, or run
"configure --without-vcd-info --without-cddb" (since libcddb also has
an optional dependency on libcdio).

In the RPM spec file I believe there are provisions for making a
libcdio-devel package as well as a libcdio package. I welcome
improvements to the RPM spec file.

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