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Wed Aug 5 14:32:43 CEST 2015

iteratively read the specified sequence of images (TGA,TIF, BMPs etc). I wa=
wondering if it was possible to write my pf_init in such a manner that it
populates the stream, program and ES structures (i.e. disguises a single
image/frame as a single packet).

This way I could utilize buffering methods directly. I think I will also
need to write a dummy 'decoder' for these 'uncoded' images (or might be abl=
to use an existing one by tweaking the parameters). This will make
everything fit in the VLC framework seamlessly without too many plugins.

Do you consider it as a feasible idea? If I have got to the wrong/busy
person, please feel free to forward the query to an appropriate contact.

Then I am an open source newbie, if this (playing image stacks as a movie)
could be a worthwhile enhancement to VLC (and not already done) how do I
take it further?


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Hi All,<span class=3D"q" id=3D"q_108d8311322fcf3b_1"><br>
I am working on a project that requires me to playback a stack of
imagefiles stored on disk, as a video. I had only just started looking
into the VLC source and was principally reading the API documentation.<br>

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