[vlc-devel] report: (mostly) successful build from win32 using msys2

Greg Jung gvjung at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 07:29:08 CEST 2015

  Following the instructions given
I was able to bring in almost everything needed.  I installed the
in a subdirectory of the already-existing /mingw32 and created another
"MSYSTEM" category shell to run.
So my directories looked like this:


I made the sub-directory installation because I assume I would have had
trouble with different thread/exception if I used the defaults for msys2,
which are posix/dwarf2 for 32-bits and posix/seh for 64-bit mingw builds.
So the instruction where it says, to install via pacman
mingw-w64-i686-lua and mingw-w64-i686-headers, I instead unpacked a
previously downloaded package and copied the contents over
<offbeat path>/mingw32/* =>  /mingw32/mingw32-win32sjlj/.  This will be ok
assuming lua is all C, not C++.
 I also copied mingw32-win32sjlj/opt/* => /mingw32/mingw32-win32sjlj/ so
everything that came with the compiler was available without extra efforts.

and the PATH was

RCC problem:
  The /mingw64/bin portion of the path was thrown in because in the build
process I didn't receive an rcc.exe which is needed for
processing, and I had an MSYS2 qt4 installation in the /mingw64 side.  Once
I did this, the rest of the make went well.  That's the only reason for
/mingw64; if I had qt installed in the /mingw32 tree I'd be using that one.
I don't know how hard this is doing Linux cross-compile, but this way was a
relative breeze for such a big assembly.

Now if I knew more about vlc I'd do more!

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