[vlc-devel] Proposals of improvement / upgrade of VLC

Nadaje Nadaje nadajenadaje at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 00:59:15 CEST 2015


I would like to state that this is not SPAM, so please take some time
to read and if possible, kindly help me solve the problem.

I have an interest in finding the radio stream addresses for the use
of one of digital radio catalogs. Though the catalog includes only
links directed to a VLC stream.

I noticed a malfunction when playing HLS protocol, which is usually
hidden, but appears almost always. And in some cases it's very clear.

The same malfunction appears in both VLC for Mac Os, as well as the
VLC Windows. And does not depend on the internet provider.

I am writing in order to try to improve it in the future versions of
VLC. Let me begin from the point where the malfunction is very clear:

- Australian Radio Natonal ABC streams all channels with the same
bitrate with HLS and RTMP protocol. All HLS streams are disrupting -
the program downloads one Data Package and after it plays, it
downloads another causing a brief disruption. The break appears at
every moment the data is being downloaded. The equivalent streams
based on RTMP protocols do not have those disruptions/breaks. And that
suggests that the problem is not with the server, but with the HLS
protocol used by VLC.

Probably this problem would not occur if VLC waited with the audio
playback until several data packets were downloaded in reserve

ABC Classic FM (AAC+ 64 kbps)
HLS (breaks):
RTMP (no breaks):

ABC Classic 2 (AAC+ 64 kbps)
HLS (breaks):
RTMP (no breaks):

Radio New Zealand Concerts (AAC+ 32 kbps)
HLS (breaks):
RTMP (no breaks):

In the case of Polish TV Trwam it manifests itself in a way that it
streams perfectly for a minute and then a break occurs for a few
seconds. But when watching the same stream using an internet browser -
no breaks occur.

It's more apparent in the case of state radio streams from Australia
and New Zealand. The effect is masked in some streams. But it occurs a
lot on classical music streams - especially when one turns the volume
up in the equalizer - a pop is heard when one package of data is being
downloaded, for example RAI 5.

Even worse effect appears when listening to Polish Radio - between
each data package there is no pop, but a deterioration in sound

Other radio stations (pops every few seconds / very audible when the
treble is louder):

RAI 5 (pops - low effect):

Deterioration of higher tones when new data pack is downloaded (low effect):

Please take my information into consideration, maybe there is a way to
fix this problem.

Kind regards.

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