[vlc-devel] Where to contribute to French localization of VLC?

Yann Ricquebourg yann.ricquebourg at irisa.fr
Wed Aug 19 12:18:53 CEST 2015


I've been using to contribute from times to times on transfex.com to VLC French translation
(and I can confirm seeing some of my updates currently present in the binary release of VLC).

Nevertheless I just notice the following note on transifex:

"We are only keeping the translations in here. If you like to help translating, please contact the current maintainer and/or the translation mailing list on videolan. You find all maintainers here:

or by clicking "Translation help pages" above

Else, it is possible that all your work will be lost or be done twice."

Is really this text up to date?
Why accept people joining the teams if this VLC repository is just a copy a the work made elsewhere.
Moreover, not using the power of multi-user contribution through transifex would be a pity.

But, finally: where to upload the updates and completion of untranslated texts for French files
in VLC project of it's not on transifex?

For the moment, and like many people (according to the history), I contribute on transifex,
but I really wonder if I'm not wrong after reading this note...

Best regards, and still congratulations for that awesome software!


P.S. The obfuscation of the e-mail address of Éric Lassauge for French localization
on http://www.videolan.org/developers/i18n/ looks wrong.
It's written "lassauge qt users dot sourceforge dot net"
where "qt" should be converted into "at" I think...

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