[vlc-devel] gpg keys outdated and expired

wax wax at i2pmail.org
Sat Feb 28 20:07:26 CET 2015

There is no indication on the website or wiki that builds are signed
with gpg.  I did notice .asc file on the ftp. [1] Eventually I found
the keys on the ftp also. [2]  But to my dismay not only was the key
using 1024 DSA it was also expired.  It would be nice if the download
pages made mention of a gpg sig, along with updating the key to at least
2048 bit RSA

Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this, but I was unable to
register on the forums and freenode hidden services are offline.

$ gpg --list-key 0x7180713BE58D1ADC
pub   1024D/0x7180713BE58D1ADC 2013-01-21 [expired: 2015-02-03]
uid                 [ expired] VideoLAN Release Signing Key (2014)
uid                 [ expired] VideoLAN Release Signing Key (2013)

[1] http://download.videolan.org/vlc/2.2.0/vlc-2.2.0.tar.xz.asc
[2] http://download.videolan.org/keys/7180713BE58D1ADC.asc

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