[vlc-devel] Set of configure patches

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Wed Jan 14 00:01:31 CET 2015

Le mardi 13 janvier 2015, 21:57:21 Martell Malone a écrit :
> I agree with you that it would be a concern but
> I highly doubt that it will as that program should build successfully for
> OS/2 still resulting in AC_LIBOBJ([freeaddrinfo])

Fair enough. The code still makes no sense to me.

> 2.
> > There is already code for this, so this patch is either redundant or
> > wrong.
> You are correct it is there already, I somehow missed this before.
> You do have AC_CHECK_TYPES([struct pollfd]
> but that comes with a
> # define _WIN32_WINNT 0x502
> which forces windows xp
> I could submit a patch that removes this line if that is better suited then
> actually detecting it via compiling.
> Would that be acceptable ??

That makes more sense.

> 3.
> > So fix mingw64?
>  I actually submitteed a patch that was merged to create actual functions
> for the time functions over previous defines
> It was merged but there has been a lenghty discussion since where they have
> opted for inline
> I am not in charge of mingw-w64 so I can't change this.

POSIX localtime_r() and gmtime_r "shall be declared as functions and may also 
be defined as macros". In POSIX parliance, that means they must resolve at 
linker stage - even if the function call can be inlined. (Two reasons why: 
making dlsym() work, and allowing function pointers.)

I do not care who is in charge of what. This is a mingw64 bug. This needs a 
mingw64 fix. There is nothing to discuss by mings64 people and even less so by 
VLC developers.


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