[vlc-devel] Set of configure patches

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Thu Jan 15 06:21:23 CET 2015

Le jeudi 15 janvier 2015, 05:05:35 Martell Malone a écrit :
> Some sort of call has to be made with the vlc team in regard to if
> mingw-w64 4.x will be supported.
> Essentially some accommodations have to be made or we are stuck at a
> feature freeze.

Support for AC_CHECK_FUNC and derivative is not optional. VLC needs it, most 
other autoconf-based contrib libraries need it, and AFAIK libav needs it too 
(uses the same approach, albeit not through autoconf). This discussion has 
already been had and settled years ago.

If you can't make it work then the only acceptable option is to remove the 
test and assume the function is supported.


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