[vlc-devel] Directx11 example for the wiki

Martell Malone martellmalone at gmail.com
Sat Jan 17 12:33:16 CET 2015

Hi guys,

Following up on my last series
with the Pure the OpenGL sample for the wiki.
Here is a pure win32 / directx11 sample for the wiki

This can be used as a test bed to test different Video output formats
without recompiling VLC
Could you tell me any other formats you want support and in what order?
I know YV12 is a must.
It seems some formats require 2 textures like YV12.
This will be a great test tool for testing different formats.

I am short 1 thing for the vout not related to win32.
I need to be able to detect between WinRT and WP8 at runtime
as they support different shader models and features.
I can do it at compile time but as the same build is used for both this
isn't useful.
Anyone got any ideas ?

Kind Regards
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