[vlc-devel] Why does VLC source contain Makefile.in

Peter Tap ptrtap at yahoo.com
Fri May 22 09:02:42 CEST 2015


I am sending this message once again. My old message was in rich text format. As I understand, using anything other than plain text is deprecated upon on this list.

So far, I was building VLC 2.1.5 source code. Today, I downloaded VLC 2.2.1 source tarball. However, my build script doesn't work anymore. 

I have a custom stream filter. In the past, I would replace Modules.am in vlc/modules/stream_filter directory with my own. However, it seems stream_filter does not have Modules.am file anymore.

The directory does contain Makefile.am. So I went ahead and made changes in this file. However, when I run "configure," my changes were never getting picked up.

After spending a couple of hours, what I found out is that any changes in modules/stream_filter/Makefile.am will never get picked up. The problem is that VLC source comes with modules/Makefile.in. It appears automake had no reason to recreate Makefile.in.

I am wondering if VLC already contains modules/Makefile.am, why does it package Makefile.in as well? We know running "configure" will generate this file anyway.

Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts.


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