[vlc-devel] [PATCH] growl: Renamed Growl plugin to OS X Notifications

Marvin Scholz epirat07 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 21:21:47 CEST 2015

On 19 Oct 2015, at 19:56, David Fuhrmann wrote:

>> Am 19.10.2015 um 19:34 schrieb Rémi Denis-Courmont 
>> <remi at remlab.net>:
>> Le 2015-10-19 20:15, epirat07 at gmail.com a écrit :
>>> From: Marvin Scholz <epirat07 at gmail.com>
>>> This renames the Growl plugin to OS X Notifications to highlight
>>> the new capabilities and to not advertise Growl so much, as
>>> requested.
>> Nah. If the user explicitly requested Growl, you should most probably 
>> use Growl regardless of the OS version.
> If I understood correctly, this still happens with the new module, 
> regardless of the rename.

That's right. Current behavior is that if the user has Growl installed, 
Growl will be used, else OS X
notifications will be used. I did not include the possibility to use OS 
X notifs explicitly as to do so
one just has to quit Growl.

> Question is still how the transition should happen, i.e. if we also 
> rename the internal module name, it will break existing configs.
> This part is seems wrong with the current patch - you change the 
> modules short name, but do not adapt the interface code enabling / 
> disabling the module.
> Also, if you want to rename the module name, you should also adapt the 
> makefile variables, and update MODULES_LIST and such.

Indeed, if wanted, I will submit a new version of this patch that 
doesn't changes the modules shortname to not break
existing configs and the enable/disable code. Is there anything else I 
would need to consider?

> BR. David
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