[vlc-devel] [PATCH] macosx: Replace method of auto-expanding all items in the Source List

epirat07 at gmail.com epirat07 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 18:48:57 CEST 2015

From: Marvin Scholz <epirat07 at gmail.com>

This replaces the iteration over all items and expanding them with a
single call to the expand method, passing nil for the item, which
causes all items to expand.
This works since OS X 10.5.
 modules/gui/macosx/MainWindow.m | 5 +----
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/modules/gui/macosx/MainWindow.m b/modules/gui/macosx/MainWindow.m
index 78d3a71..df0a7f4 100644
--- a/modules/gui/macosx/MainWindow.m
+++ b/modules/gui/macosx/MainWindow.m
@@ -211,10 +211,7 @@ static const float f_min_window_height = 307.;
     if (![defaults objectForKey:@"VLCFirstRun"]) {
         [defaults setObject:[NSDate date] forKey:@"VLCFirstRun"];
-        NSUInteger i_sidebaritem_count = [o_sidebaritems count];
-        for (NSUInteger x = 0; x < i_sidebaritem_count; x++)
-            [o_sidebar_view expandItem: [o_sidebaritems objectAtIndex:x] expandChildren: YES];
+        [o_sidebar_view expandItem:nil expandChildren:YES];
         [_fspanel center];
         NSAlert *albumArtAlert = [NSAlert alertWithMessageText:_NS("Check for album art and metadata?") defaultButton:_NS("Enable Metadata Retrieval") alternateButton:_NS("No, Thanks") otherButton:nil informativeTextWithFormat:@"%@",_NS("VLC can check online for album art and metadata to enrich your playback experience, e.g. by providing track information when playing Audio CDs. To provide this functionality, VLC will send information about your contents to trusted services in an anonymized form.")];

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