[vlc-devel] [vlc-commits] Tag 2.2.3 : VLC media player 2.2.3 'WeatherWax'

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Tue Apr 26 17:47:49 CEST 2016


On 26 Apr, Rafaël Carré wrote :
> j-b apparently found a good and permanent solution already by getting
> rid of me.

stop paranoia.

I could not give you easily the key, so I did one build.
It's a temporary solution, until we meet in Vienna.

> I am not coming in person to Vienna so there is no point in waiting the
> Vienna meeting.

Sorry, but why are you not coming?
If you are a main maintainer and root, not coming to the quarter
meetings is not cool.

> - My root access to goldeneye be reinstated ASAP if this was removed
> intentionally

Sure. It was explained to you and this list why it was removed, with
quite a few details... Stop doing non-roots things as roots, that's

> - The win64 release binaries continue to be provided by me

Well, are you going to care about this platform and test it?

> - I be provided with all the necessary tools to provide them (signing
> certificate)
No objections, but see above.

> - All related matters be discussed on this mailing list


> This is in my opinion a breach from j-b of our shared values, namely:
> - be collaborative
> - be respectful

Sorry, but you broke our values first. You don't maintain things, you
dont' come to meetings, you're almost not active anymore and you do

> vs j-b in
> a fair manner and separate the interests of VideoLAN versus VideoLABS ?

simple, come to our meetings and explain the situation.
noone has more votes than anyone else.

With my kindest regards,

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