[vlc-devel] [PATCH 2/2] playlist/fetcher: do not ignore metadata scope when downloading art

Filip Roséen filip at atch.se
Sun Dec 11 12:41:48 CET 2016

Hi Marvin,

On 2016-12-11 11:19, Marvin Scholz wrote:

> I have the same opinion as Pierre, that this would be wrong. This is not what
> this flag is intended to do, or if it is, it is incorrectly advertised to the user.
> The flag is just intended to block searching for unknown metadata, but in no way
> to prevent external metadata, that is not considered local, to be fetched and
> would probably confuse a lot of users, me included, if that would be the
> new behavior.
It might not come as a hugh surprise that I am not of the same

> If a playlist, title or lua playlist script explicitly states external metadata
> for an item, it should still be fetched even with `--no-metadata-network-access`
> What should _not_ happen, is looking it up with external art fetchers (google or
> other services), if the flag is set.
The issue currently being discussed is, imo, a different one to which
the patch was addressing.

There are a lot different ways of dealing with what you are talking
about, among them:

 - If the flag is poorly named, we should definitely rename it.

 - If network resource should always be allowed to query network
   entities, we should implement such feature.

 - If we need a way to explicitly mark something as "safe" or
   "necessary" when it comes to art download, we should implement such a

To me, the privacy concern that comes with playing
something that you have stored locally, and playing something over a
network based service (such as soundcloud) are two completely different set of problems.

Best Regards,\
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