[vlc-devel] vlc bug/patch (Linux libvlccore): might hang in vlc_getProxyUrl() / waitpid()

Andreas Luik andreas.luik at innovative-navigation.de
Tue Dec 13 10:53:53 CET 2016


bug report for vlc-2.1.6 (also in latest 2.2.4): we use libvlccore in one thread of our multi-threaded application, and observe the function vlc_getProxyUrl() to (often) hang forever in this loop: 

while (waitpid(pid, &(int){ 0 }, 0) == -1); 

The reason for this is that another thread might have already handled the wait(), and the process "pid" does not exist anymore, resulting in waitpid(pid) returning -1 (with errno==ECHILD) forever. 

It definitely does not make sense to repeat calling waitpid for a pid which does not exist anymore. Proposed patch is attached. 

BTW: the second parameter of waitpid() might be simplified to (int *)NULL. 

Kind regards, 
i. A. Andreas Luik 
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