[vlc-devel] live-caching > 60 seconds

Eric naisanza at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 09:59:41 CET 2016

Super old thread, but I happen to be looking to do the exact same thing
(increasing the local/network buffering to greater than the 60 seconds

Have you found a solution?

For my purpose i need video delay from capture device about 3 - 5
> minutes. There is a limit in live-caching option specification 60000 ms.
> First I tried to overcome this limit by setting INPUT_PTS_DELAY_MAX in
> src/input/input_internal.h to 300000000 (5 minutes) instead of original
> 60000000 (1 minute). With that I can reach the delay more than 4 minutes
> but only with unusable video resolution 160 pixels. With higher
> resolution I observe some memory drops and delayed video doesn't work.
> This drops doesn't depend on amount of physical memory which has never
> ran out before the drop. My question is which code implements the
> buffer/cache which holds the
> video stream from capture device before it is displayed. I expect making
> the maximum buffer size bigger I can reach longer delay with usable
> video resolution. OS: Windows 7, VLC version: 2.1.0 Thanks, Petr.

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