[vlc-devel] Decoupling Ogg-Demuxer

Francois Cartegnie fcvlcdev at free.fr
Sun Jan 17 13:11:08 CET 2016

Le 16/01/2016 14:42, Michael Tänzer a écrit :

> b) Decouple all the Ogg mess and allow new codecs to be plugged in just
> by loading a new module.
> Pros for b):
> + Better separation between codecs and demuxers
> + Reduce the amount of code in the Ogg demuxer (currently 3384 lines)

If you plan to relocate codec specific code as pf_ in codecs (as av_
does), this will either break the ability to swap demux/codec with
avformat/avcodec or duplicate code in those.


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