[vlc-devel] VLM api doesn't appear to make sense

Richard Postelnik postelrich at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 05:26:39 CET 2016


I'm coming from the python bindings so I may be missing something, but the
vlm api seems to be incorrect.  All of the libvlc_get_media_instance_XXX
functions say "get XXX by psz_name or instance id".  The only problem is
that it appears both are required by looking at libvlc_get_media_instance
(psz_name to check if it exists, instance id to get select from
pp_minstance array).  I noticed on the python side because I am able to
play/stop/pause/change a media with only the psz_name but I can't get
things like the media position with just psz_name.  No where with the
python bindings do you get an i_instance (instance id), all the vlm
functions mainly return 0 or -1.

Please advise.

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