[vlc-devel] [VLCKit - tvOS] libVLC build broken

Stefan Schmidt-Bilkenroth ssb at mac.com
Fri Mar 25 13:32:42 CET 2016

I more or less rebuild VLCKit including libVLC from scratch every few days.
I am using the build script which is part of VLCKit.

Since yesterday the build is breaking during libVLC build with error message

In file included from src/code.c:9:
./inc/config.h:12:28: warning: '/*' within block comment [-Wcomment]
/*efine SIGHANDLER_T    int             /* signal handlers are void     */
./inc/config.h:13:28: warning: '/*' within block comment [-Wcomment]
/*efine HAS_SYSV_SIGNAL 1               /* sigs not blocked/reset?      */
./inc/config.h:25:27: warning: '/*' within block comment [-Wcomment]
/*efine HAS__FSETMODE   1               /* _fsetmode -- set file mode   */
./inc/config.h:28:26: warning: '/*' within block comment [-Wcomment]
/*efine HAS_STRINGS_H   1               /* /usr/include/strings.h       */
./inc/config.h:32:23: warning: '/*' within block comment [-Wcomment]
/*efine HAS_UTIMES      1               /* use utimes() syscall instead */
./inc/config.h:35:28: warning: '/*' within block comment [-Wcomment]
/*efine HAS_UTIMEUSEC   1               /* microseconds in utimbuf?     */
src/code.c:95:8: error: implicitly declaring library function 'memcpy' with type 'void *(void *, const void *, unsigned long)' [-Werror,-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
        (void)memcpy( (char *)S->dp0, (char *)(S->dp0 + 160),
src/code.c:95:8: note: include the header <string.h> or explicitly provide a declaration for 'memcpy'
6 warnings and 1 error generated.

This is caused while building contrib gsm. Looks like either stdlib.h isn't included or the alternating declaration of memcpy does not work, whatever is happening during the build. Maybe some config step is giving incorrect results.

Can you please check?

PS: copy of what I have posted in the forum. Just posting the full error here. I can’t see the command line with the options passed to clang for building.

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