[vlc-devel] [RFC-PATCH] core/audio_output: do not drop (late) audio blocks if it would cause silence

Filip Roséen filip at videolabs.io
Thu May 12 19:31:40 CEST 2016

> I do not think that comparing duration and delay makes any 
> mathematical/physical sense. The result will be even more arbitrary than it 
> currently is.

Since we got functionality in order to support resampling (to shrink the drift
while maintaining playback), it should probably be used under circumstances as
what is mentioned; or well, that was what went through my head when I wrote the

The duration is just as much part of the entity as the PTS, and if one is used
to make decisions about potentially discarding the entity itself, I'd say it is
equally safe to use the other.

The decision could however be improved by also incorporating AOUT_MAX_PTS_DELAY
to actually discard blocks that we need to shrink (resample over time) to a
lower duration than AOUT_MAX_PTS_DELAY (ie. preferring silence instead of a
longer period of resampling).

My experiments has however showed that the gain is neglectable with my sample
tfiles (at least to the human ear), but in theory it could be an improvement.

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