[vlc-devel] [RFC PATCH] playlist: don't open failing items in loop

Filip Roséen filip at videolabs.io
Tue May 24 11:09:34 CEST 2016

One immediate reaction:

 - if we have a playlist set to loop that contains one item which result in
   ERROR_S, this patch will completely stop the playback - even if there are
   other playable items in the list.

> If "Repeat All" or "Repeat current Item" option are set. The same failing item
> will be opened in loop.

This might be what most expect us to do.

I do not think that looping items should depend on whether there is an error
when we try to play them, because there is nothing saying that the error will
remain next time we try to do it.

We should trust that the user knows what it has asked us to do, and even assume
that any input that we are asked to play should be played (even if this results
in an error). Proving that the underlying bytestream does not change before the
next time we theoretically would have played the item is impossible, and we can
also not prove that an access that fails one time, always will fail.

One alternative way to handle this issue _might_ be to have the playlist-thread
temporarily "sleep" (in terms of playing next item) for a logarithmic
(increasing) duration of time it if notice that no item in the current list can
be played.

> This is not fixing every case: In general, EsOut will fail because of an
> unknown/bad codec and the "state" event will be END_S (and not ERROR_S).
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