[vlc-devel] [vlc-commits] include: work around LLVM brain damage

Marvin Scholz epirat07 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 22:20:00 CET 2017

On 27 Feb 2017, at 21:15, Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:

> Le maanantaina 27. helmikuuta 2017, 21.00.14 EET Marvin Scholz a 
> écrit :
>>>> Given that this patch goes against the expressed opinions in the
>>>> below
>>>> linked message, I wonder why it was pushed without either a *RFC* 
>>>> or
>>>> a
>>>> continued discussion on the matter (as I believe would have been
>>>> suitable given the circumstances).
>>> It does not and I am quite full with those repeated accusations of
>>> inconsistency of yours.
>> Sorry, but yes it does.
> No.
>> Given that there was another patch sent and
>> discussed regarding this problem, just committing your workaround
>> without any discussion about it on the ML doesn't seem like the right
>> thing to do.
> And what does that have to do with consistency or lack thereof? Well 
> you are
> trolling then, and that is a violation of the CoC.
>>> My stated opinion on the topic is that I do not want to break
>>> out-of-tree
>>> plugin inclusion of headers, and that this problem stems from a 
>>> Clang
>>> bug
>>> (hence the term "work around").
>> Yes, however I don't see how that justifies just pushing this 
>> workaround
>> without any discussion.
> Oh the hypocrisy. Oh the ingratitude. That  change is a trivial 
> stopgap to
> make the build logs readable for people like you using LLVM.

I never said that I consider this patch wrong, I was just pointing out 
that it
would have been more friendly, in regard to the ongoing discussion about 
topic, to send it to the ML and maybe point out that you only intend it 
a temporary solution until a better one is found.
That would have been much more respectful in regard to the work done by 
By just pushing this, one could easily get the impression that you did 
not care
about Filips opinion, that this should not be solved the way it is done 
by this

> But hey, wouldn´t you miss an opportunity to troll me. You have 
> already shown
> several times how much you despise me afterall.

I don't despise you, I just don't always agree with how you 
on the ML, trac and IRC, sometimes. And I think I have the right to 
point that
out, in cases where it's obvious but you do not seem to notice yourself.

I have the opinion that it is important to treat other people and their 
work with

> Nothing prevents a better solution. Filip´s proposal is a regression 
> though.
> Even if i it is better vectored and cleaner than earlier code, it 
> essentially
> reopens #297 and effectively reverts several of the fixes that ticket
> required.
> I find this email absolutely intolerable.

And I think your behavior sometimes is intolerable,
just to give an example for this:

Whenever someone breaks the build you complain and nearly immediately 
or even force- push the changes away. It is not like people break the 
just to annoy you, you know?

On top of that, you break the build frequently too.

In the last case I remember, even knowingly with your tls module 
changes. Even
though it only affected macOS, it was annoying and unnecessary. You 
could have
sent the patches to the ML and asked one of the macOS devs to fix the ST 
to work with your changes, in case you do not want/can't easily do the 
changes yourself.

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