[vlc-devel] parsing Spherical Media RFC metadata from AVC, HEVC bitstreams

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Wed Jan 4 08:02:49 CET 2017

Hello Chad,

On Wed, 4 Jan 2017, at 01:55, Chad Fogg wrote:
> The latest VLC Player source code blob appears to only parse the
> spherical indicator, projection mode (equirectangular)  from unregistered
> user data in the file container (MP4, MKV), but not from the
> user_data_unregistered SEI in the elementary bitstream. 


> (1) is it the intent for VLC player to also extract the Spherical Media
> RFC metadata from an SEI ?
> …and additional separate messages for initial view port offsets (pitch,
> yaw, roll..) and other metadata introduced in Spherical Media RFC version
> 2 ?

We work with samples, not just specs. We have MP4 and MKV samples,
therefore, we implemented those.
Parsing of more formats is always a good idea. As usual, patches are
welcome :D

What I don't want us to invest time in is the old v1 MP4 spec, which is

> (2) is it the intent to apply initial yaw, pitch roll offsets to rotate
> the output of the decoded video frame from a decoder, or is that metadata
> just passed onto the player and HMD  ?

I believe the latter: the video output rotates. I'm not sure what would
be the use case of doing that differently, tbh.


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