[vlc-devel] [PATCH 1/2] configure: allow toggling of -Wl, -z, defs and -no-undefined

Filip Roséen filip at atch.se
Wed Mar 15 15:24:06 CET 2017

Hi Rémi,

On 2017-03-15 16:06, Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:

> > Personally, I develop mainly on a build with --enable-debug and without
> > any other options. When I want to use a sanitizer, a use an other dir
> > with different configure rules.
> If you really want to make sanitizers easy to use, then add an option to 
> enable them, like we do for coverage. Not this patch, please.

I wrote this patch for several reasons, not only related to
sanitizers (maybe I should have expanded that section in the patch
note though).

Indeed, and I was toying with the idea of implementing functionality
so that `--enable-sanitizer={address,undefined,thread}` would work
correctly. During those minutes spent thinking about it, it became
clear quite fast that just having it work on the combinations of
platform+compiler of just the people that frequent `#videolan` would
be quite a pain.

For things to be towards the easier side of implementation, as well as
with faster build/execution speed, `-Wl,-z,defs` and `-no-undefined`
should be disabled through usage such as `--enable-sanitizer=address`.

However, if it is acceptable for `--enable-sanitizer=address` to
circumvent that check, I am not sure why a developer should not be
able to manually specify that he/she would not like the check for
undefined references.

A developer should know his/her platform well enough to be able to
manually specify the sanitizer flags, which `--disable-no-undefined`

I did not see a future `--enable-sanitizer={...}` flag and
`--{enable,disable}-no-undefined` to be mutually exclusive.

Best Regards,\
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